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"Putting the Harris logo on my wallets is like wearing Gap jeans!". Centaurus Cheerleader

"After seeing all the beautiful images of my daughter, she started crying and said to me "Mom, I'm beautiful!". I reminded her that I've been telling her that all her life!". Monarch Mom

"Getting my six children, along with my husband and the family dog over here for the photo session was very hectic but BEING here was like a vacation! Thank you for making it so much fun. We love our family portrait!" C.F.

"Raye, you will be our family photographer FOREVER! We love the images you create year after year! We have our own ╬Harris Gallery' in our home!" M.S.

"Because of all you've done for us, Raye, we can't thank you enough! B.G.

"Your studio is blessed with sweet angels. Thank you for creating such beatiful images of my son! I will treasure them forever! Good fortune & effervescent love!". S.S.

"Thank you so much for your support and compassion through our senior year ordeal. We appreciate the kindness given to us. You are blessed in your loveliness. We LOVE her Senior Pictures!" B.V.

"Through life we have the privilege to meet a variety of people. In our travels, we encounter extraordinary, interesting, and unique individuals. Rarely, do we meet someone that brings true meaning and we realize God has brought them into our lives for a purpose for the moment or sometimes for a lifetime. I never imagined that bringing an end to my daughter's high school era would also bring a wonderful, meaningful person into my life. I not not only received an exquisite piece of art of my family and daughter, I had the honor to meet a unique, sincere, and talented person behind the lense. Thank you enjoyable conversations and an opportunity to meet a genuine person! I truly believe that you are the art behind the portrait! Best Regards!" S.W.

"I usually hate having my picture taken but you made it so much fun that I would even do it again! And I like it, too!" D.S.

"I recommend Raye Harris Photography to ALL my friends!  I had so much fun doing my senior pictures...from the planning to the photography to the slideshow  to getting the pictures!  Thank you Jess and Raye for making my experience at your studio so much fun!" J.M.

"After taking my son to another photography studio and being dissatisfied, a friend recommended you for his senior pictures.   We have had nothing but fun.  You made him feel so relaxed and helped him with his clothes and his poses, even HE is recommending you now!   We appreciated the professionalism, also.   I wouldn't hesitate recommending you to all my friends!"  S.P.

"First of all, we must tell you that we LOVE them!   No one has ever captured our family this way!   I LOVE the wall portrait and you were right, the bigger the better!   It fits perfectly hanging over our fireplace!   We will treasure it forever.  And a special thank you to Jess for her beautiful rendition of us!  We love you guys!"  T.S. 

"Oh my God!  WOW!  The family portrait is hanging in our entryway and it makes such a statement!  You were right!  I can't wait to add more "family art" to our home!   Thank you so much!  D.P.

"Yes, I'm thrilled to add my testimonial to your website.   Raye Harris Photography is the only photography studio in my opinion.  I'm amazed at the quantity and quality of the images you took of us.  You worked so quickly and efficiently, I wasn't sure you were getting anything, but the slideshow proved your expertise and professionalism.  We had a problem though.  We liked too many of them!  What a problem to have!   We are coming back for a family portrait, too!  See you soon!   Fairview Mom

"I didn't want to drive all the way from Westminster to your studio and fought tooth and nail.  My wife made me do it.   Okay, it wasn't so bad afterall.  I survived and we had a great lunch at Proto's afterwards!   anonymous Dad

"Dear Raye and Jess:  We are so impressed with you, your talent and your studio.   You have an amazing eye for composition.  Coming from a Graphic Designer this is a BIG compliment!  We love our daughter's photographs and just so you know, YOU will be photographing her wedding, too!  (she's 2)   D.B.

"As you know, I've known you since you opened your studio in the basement of your house.   It's been my pleasure to watch as your business and talent grew. The quality of your images are unsurpassed.  I will never hesitate referring you to my friends or anyone for that matter!  We've become good friends and I always look forward to seeing you each year."  P.A.

"When I showed my daughter's senior pictures (the portfolio) around at cheer practice, all of your business cards were snatched!   I know you're gonna get calls, because her portfolio was fantastic!   You did such a good job capturing her many personalities!  Thank you guys!" Silver Creek Mom